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Compatible Laptop Battery Replaces HP 454668-001

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454668-001 Specifications
 Our ValueOEM Value
Manufacturer Premium PowerHP
Package height 8
Package length 8
Package width 8
Product weight 1 lbs
Technology Li-IonLi-ion
UPC 842740027011
UPC 842740027011

Compatible Laptop Battery Replaces HP 454668-001

This new replacement laptop battery from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your HP . eReplacements laptop batteries all come with a 1 year warranty and will meet or exceed the original HP laptop battery specifications because they are manufactured for high performance in our ISO 9000 factories using the best quality cells and most up to date safety and engineering control standards:
  • High/low temperature shut off protection
  • Thermal runaway protection
  • Overcharge shut off protection
  • Over discharge shut off protection
  • Cell imbalance shut off protection
  • Fire resistant plastic casing
  • Manufactured using the most up to date TI BQ20Z chip set

Click here for a current SDS sheet on this Laptop Battery

Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement laptop batteries.
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Compaq Notebook 2740p Win7 i5-520M 160/4GBCompaq Notebook 2740p Win7 i5-540M 250/4GBHP EliteBook 2730p
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HP EliteBook 2740p i5-520M 12 2GB/160HP EliteBook 2740p i5-520M 12 2GB/80HP EliteBook 2740p i5-520M 12 3GB/160
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HP EliteBook 2740p i7-620M 12 4GB/250HP EliteBook 2740p i7-620M 12 4GB/80HP EliteBook 2740p i7-620M 250G Win7P
HP EliteBook 2740p i7-640M 12 2GB/160HP EliteBook 2740p Win7 i5-540M 80SSDHP EliteBook 2740p Win7 i7-620M 160GB
HP EliteBook 2740p WIN7 Pro i5-520M 160GHP EliteBook 2740p WIN7 Pro i5-540M 80GBHP EliteBook 2740p WIN7 Pro i7-620M 160GB
HP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-520M 160HP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-520M 160GBHP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-520M 250
HP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-520M 250GBHP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-540M 160GBHP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-540M 80GB
HP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i5-540M 80SSDHP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i7-620M 160GHP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i7-620M 160GB
HP EliteBook 2740p Win7P i7-620M 250GBHP EliteBook 2740p XPT i5-520M 160GBHP EliteBook 2740p XPT i5-540M 160GB
HP EliteBook 2740p XPT i7-620M 250GHP EliteBook Book 2740p i7-620M 12 4GB/250HP EliteBook Book 2740p Win7P i5-540M 160G
HP EliteBook Book E2740p Win7P i5-540M 160GHP NoteBook 2740p i5-520M 12.1 4GB/80HP NoteBook 2740p i5-540M 12.1 2GB/160
HP NoteBook 2740p i5-540M 12.1 3GB/250 HP NoteBook 2740p i5-540M 12.1 4GB/160HP NoteBook 2740p i7-620M 12.1 3GB/160
HP NoteBook 2740p i7-620M 12.1 4GB/160
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Compatible Part Numbers
HP 436426-311HP 436426-351HP 436426311
HP 436426351HP 443156-001HP 443156-001N
HP 443156001HP 443156001NHP 454668-001
HP 454668001HP 504520-001HP 504520-001N
HP 504520001HP 504520001NHP 593592-001

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