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Compatible Electronics AC Adapter Replaces OEM AC0755525RU

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AC0755525RU Specifications
 Our ValueOEM Value
Color BlackBlack
Inner dia 2.5 mm2.5 mm
Manufacturer Premium PowerVarious
Outer dia 5.5 mm5.5 mm
Package height 8
Package length 11
Package width 0.25
Pin count 2-Prong2-Prong
Product weight 0.75 lbs
UPC 842740029978
Watts 75 Watts75 Watts
UPC 842740029978

Compatible Electronics AC Adapter Replaces OEM AC0755525RU

This new replacement AC adapter from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your OEM and is rated at 75 Watts. eReplacements ac adapters all come with a 1 year warranty and will meet or exceed the original OEM and is rated at 75 Watts AC adapter specifications because they are manufactured for high performance in our ISO 9000 factories using the most up to date safety and engineering control standards.
  • Sealed for protection against moisture and high humidity
  • Filters and protects from voltage spikes or surges
  • Internal safety features protect your device from electrical hazards
  • Low voltage shut down protection
  • Over voltage shut down protection
  • ''Short Circuit'' shut down protection
  • Over temperature shut down protection
  • Automatic reset after shutting down
Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement ac adapters .
Compatible Models
IBM ThinkPad 570EIBM ThinkPad 600IBM ThinkPad 600A
IBM ThinkPad 600EIBM ThinkPad 701IBM ThinkPad 701C
IBM ThinkPad 701CSIBM ThinkPad 770IBM ThinkPad 770E
IBM ThinkPad 770EDIBM ThinkPad 770XIBM ThinkPad 770Z
IBM ThinkPad AIBM ThinkPad A20IBM ThinkPad A20M
IBM ThinkPad A20PIBM ThinkPad A21IBM ThinkPad A21e
IBM ThinkPad A21MIBM ThinkPad A21PIBM ThinkPad A22e
IBM ThinkPad A22MIBM ThinkPad A22PIBM ThinkPad A30
IBM ThinkPad A30PIBM ThinkPad A31IBM ThinkPad A31P
IBM ThinkPad ASeriesIBM ThinkPad E530IBM ThinkPad G40
IBM ThinkPad i1200IBM ThinkPad i1210IBM ThinkPad i1211
IBM ThinkPad i1241IBM ThinkPad i1251IBM ThinkPad i1271
IBM ThinkPad i1300IBM ThinkPad i13001171-NMUIBM ThinkPad i1321
IBM ThinkPad i1340IBM ThinkPad i1351IBM ThinkPad i1361
IBM ThinkPad i1391IBM ThinkPad i1418IBM ThinkPad i1420
IBM ThinkPad i1421IBM ThinkPad i1441IBM ThinkPad i1442
IBM ThinkPad i1460IBM ThinkPad i1480IBM ThinkPad i1482
IBM ThinkPad i1500IBM ThinkPad i1720IBM ThinkPad i1721
IBM ThinkPad iSeries1200/1300IBM ThinkPad RIBM ThinkPad R32
IBM ThinkPad R40IBM ThinkPad R40eIBM ThinkPad R50
IBM ThinkPad R50eIBM ThinkPad RSeriesIBM ThinkPad S
IBM ThinkPad T20IBM ThinkPad T21IBM ThinkPad T22
IBM ThinkPad T23IBM ThinkPad T30IBM ThinkPad T40
IBM ThinkPad T41IBM ThinkPad T42IBM ThinkPad TSeries
IBM ThinkPad XIBM ThinkPad X21IBM ThinkPad X22
IBM ThinkPad X23IBM ThinkPad X24Premium Power 10 Watt Various Applications

Compatible Part Numbers
Panasonic CF-AA1639Panasonic CF-AA1653APanasonic CFAA1639
Panasonic CFAA1653A

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