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Quality Standards

The quality and integrity of our products and company is paramount to us at eReplacements. The following credentials and certificates demonstrate how we stand behind the safety and craftsmanship of our products as well as the ethical standards of our company and employees:

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Factories

As an industry leading co-manufacturer of power and imaging products since 2004, we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our products. All of our products are manufactured in our ISO 9001 and 14001 factories which means we adhere to strict and precise quality management and environmental standards and procedures during our manufacturing processes.

Testing Equipment

All of our products are 100% post tested in the factory after manufacturing to ensure quality. In addition, products are randomly inspected and tested for quality, fit and integrity when they arrive in our warehouse. We have invested in many pieces of test equipment to allow us to perform our random inbound product testing as well as testing 100% of RMAs. This equipment includes:
  • Laptop Battery Test Machines – determines cell imbalance, remaining charge cycles, etc. Multi-meters - tests electronic integrity of ac adapters
  • Lamp testers - tests the brightness and focus of lamps
  • Light Engines - tests fitting integrity of lamp cages
  • Laptops and Bottom Cases - tests fitting integrity of laptop batteries
  • Printer whole units and densitometers – tests the quality of toner cartridges

Laptop Battery Standards

Our laptop batteries have been tested and passed by Exponent (, an independent 3rd party testing organization, for critical safety tests. All of our laptop batteries are manufactured in our ISO 9001 and 14001 factories using the following key safety features:
  • High/low temperature shut off protection
  • Thermal runaway protection
  • Overcharge shut off protection
  • Over discharge shut off protection
  • Cell imbalance shut off protection
  • Fire resistant plastic casing
  • Manufactured using the most up to date TI BQ20Z chip set
We offer our customers a choice of different types of cells inside our laptop batteries. We offer high quality Korean made cells (Samsung or Sanyo) and for more cost conscious customers, we offer high quality Chinese made cells (BAK, YLE or Shandong Shengong). Our cells are used by many of OEMs when they manufactured the original battery for their laptop.

AC Adapter Standards

AC Adapter Standards Our AC adapters are manufactured in our ISO 9001 and 14001 factories and will meet and exceed the OEM standards for safety and quality:
  • Sealed for protection against moisture and high humidity
  • Filters and protects from voltage spikes or surges
  • Internal safety features protect your device from electrical hazards
  • Low voltage shut down protection
  • Over voltage shut down protection
  • ''Short Circuit'' shut down protection
  • Over temperature shut down protection
  • Automatic reset after shutting down

Projector Lamp Standards

We offer our customers two types of high quality lamps for TVs and projectors. Our “OEM” lamps are made using a compatible housing and the original bulb that was used by the manufacturer – Osram, Philips, Ushio or Phoenix. These manufacturers are known around the world for high quality, bright, long lasting bulbs with defect rates of less than 1%. Our “compatible” lamps are made using a compatible housing and a high quality generic bulb. These lamps have defect rates slightly higher than the OEM (2-3%) but offer very high quality and bright lamps at a competitive price.

TAA Compliant

Many of our products including our lamps and toner cartridges are manufactured in TAA compliant countries which means that you can resell our products to the US federal government. If your company sells to the US government and participates in Federal Bids, you can feel confident selling our product to your customers.

Product Quality Guarantee

eReplacements is focused on bringing the best of breed products to our customers that meet the highest level of quality, environmental and intellectual property standards. This guarantee outlines that quality commitment to you. eReplacements also wants to assure our customers that all of our products are in 100% compliance with all intellectual property and patent laws with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our remanufactured laser toner cartridges are co-manufactured in factories that are ISO 9001/14001 certified and TAA compliant. All laser toner cartridges sold by eReplacements are guaranteed to perform equal to or better than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

If an eReplacements supplied laser toner cartridge damages your customer’s imaging device, eReplacements will repair or replace any part(s) or printer that has been deemed by a certified technician to have been damaged by our product’s use.

Consumer Data Privacy (CDP)

Protection of consumer’s private data is of the utmost importance to us at eReplacements. We know that one of the main reasons why consumers do not trade in their old electronic devices is because they are concerned about the potential release of their private data. We ensure that every product we repair is permanently and safely wiped of all consumer data using the latest data wiping techniques.

e-Waste Compliance

We adhere to a strict “zero landfill” policy at eReplacements. Any unused parts from our IT Assets get separated and sorted by commodity (plastic, metal, glass, etc) and are sent to one of our certified downstream R2 recycling partners for proper disposal and recycling.