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Repair Solutions: Repair, Refresh, Renew

There were over 1 billion smart phones “retired” in 2013 worldwide. These electronics, even older generations, still provide significant utility and power to end consumers. The value of these assets can easily be extended or refreshed with a repair solution, thereby offering significant savings over replacing, upgrading or liquidating and offering a sustainable refresh of the life cycle of that device.

eReplacements offers professional electronics recycling and repair services on select consumer electronics. For Apple “I” devices (iPhones, iPads and iTouches), for example, our thorough repair process includes the following steps:
  • Professionally data wiped 2 times
  • Factory reset to original settings and update to latest iOS
  • All buttons tested and functional - home, volume and power buttons
  • Headset jack tested and functional
  • Microphone tested and functional
  • Speaker tested and functional
  • Touchscreen display is bright and tested to be fully responsive
  • Front and rear cameras tested and functional
  • No water damage

Consumer Data Privacy (CDP) is of the utmost importance at eReplacements. To allay these privacy concerns, eReplacements maintains the highest standards of data removal, wiping each device first upon receipt into our warehouse and again after being repaired.

Each device is individually bar coded and tracked by serial number and entered into our repair portal. This portal allows customers to be able to track the progress of each device during the repair process and allows us to record the nature of each repair. Once repaired, each device is inspected by our QC Department to ensure proper working condition before it is released to our customers. We also offer a toll free tech support line to anyone who has purchased our remanufactured product.

Renewed Products

We offer a broad line of “like new” remanufactured Apple iPhones, iPads and iTouches that have been expertly repaired and renewed by our bench technicians. This allows customers to save significantly over buying new.