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Compatible Sealed Lead Acid Battery Replaces portalac UB685-ER

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UB685-ER Specifications
 Our ValueOEM Value
Capacity 8.5 Ah8.5 Ah
Package height 10
Package length 10
Package width 10
Product height 4.6 Inches4.6 Inches
Product length 3.82 Inches3.82 Inches
Product weight 3 lbs
Product width 2.19 Inches2.19 Inches
Technology Sealed Lead AcidSealed Lead Acid Battery
Terminal type F1 View this TerminalF1
UPC 842740083826
Volts 6 Volts6 Volts
Weight 3 lbs3.1 lbs
UPC 842740083826

Compatible Sealed Lead Acid Battery Replaces portalac UB685-ER

This new replacement sealed lead acid battery from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your portalac portalac pe6v8 and is rated at 8.5 Ah and 6 Volts. eReplacements sealed lead acid batteries all come with a 12 month warranty and will meet or exceed the original portalac portalac pe6v8 battery specifications because they are manufactured for high performance using the most up to date safety and engineering control standards. Sealed lead acid batteries require that you use them regularly or they will lose their ability to hold a charge so be sure to use your portalac portalac pe6v8 regularly to keep your battery fully charged or purchase a trickle charger for them. Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement sealed lead acid batteries.
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Carpenter Watchman CA2Chloride 100-001-0073Chloride 100-001-0074
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Light Alarms A12BC1Light Alarms ABC1Light Alarms AVC2
Mule 6GC018IMule 6GC025KMule 6GC026J
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Tork C01068ATork CO1301ETork CYL2LA
Yorklight 2L4

Compatible Part Numbers
UPG D5735UniversalPowerGroup UB685-ERUniversalPowerGroup UB685ER

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