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Recycle Services

Innovative Recycling Solutions

The products eReplacements co-manufacturers usually replace the original equipment manufacturers part such as a battery for a laptop, a lamp for a TV or projector or a printer toner cartridge. These products may contain material that is hazardous to landfills and our Earth. eReplacements prides itself on being environmentally conscious with a zero landfill policy which is why we offer our customers several different ways to recycle the replacements for the products that we sell to help keep our planet green.


Batteries contain harmful amounts of lithium and/or lead and therefore must be recycled. For recycling of batteries, we have a partnership with to recycle our customerís used batteries for free at major retail stores across the US. Customers can simply visit our partnerís website to find a recycling location near them to drop off their used batteries.


Projector and TV lamps contain traces of dangerous mercury which are harmful to the environment. Every lamp we sell comes with a pre-paid label for a customer to ship back their used lamps to us where we will recycle them at no charge. In addition we offer customers a link to our lamp recycling page so that they can have their customers print out a pre-paid label for free to ship their lamps back to us:

Did you know that used projector lamps contain dangerous mercury. Mercury and most of its compounds are extremely toxic pollutants. Our new lamp recycling program helps keep used lamps out of landfills. Itís easy and itís FREE.

Follow these easy steps.

1) Click on this box:
2) Enter your zip code
3) and print it
4) Put your old lamp in the box you received or a similar box
5) Put the label on the box
6) Put it in your mail box or your drop it off at your nearest USPS location.

Thanks for in advance for doing your part.

We recycle all of the parts of the lamp, reusing some of the housings when we can and sending other components like the used bulb to approved R2 certified downstream vendors who properly recycle the used bulb.

Toner and Ink Cartridges:

Nearly all of the toner and inkjet cartridges we sell are remanufactured, meaning a used toner or ink plastic cartridge is recycled and remanufactured using all new parts and new toner or ink. Our remanufactured cartridges are already ďgreenĒ because they have prevented manufacturing a new plastic cartridge which uses more than 2 quarts of oil in the process. We offer free recycling labels for our customers who want to ship back bulk shipments of our used toner and/or ink cartridges so we can continue the life cycle of that cartridge and prevent it from ending up in our landfills.

IT Assets:

Any unused parts from our IT Assets get separated and sorted by commodity (plastic, metal, glass, etc) and are sent to one of our certified downstream R2 recycling partners for proper disposal and recycling. These partners will supply us with official Certificates of Destruction (COD) that we can provide to our customers upon request. eReplacementsí R2 partners today include Round2 and Universal Recycling Technologies.