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Replacements Parts and Beyond

eReplacements knows how difficult it is for our customers to gain new customers and maintain existing ones. We feel that we are representing your company when we ship your customer our products which is why we offer several value-added services that go beyond just selling parts. We are not just another manufacturer and "box mover" and we know that you need to sell your customer more than just parts. We can design and tailor programs to continually promote your company to your customers to help keep them loyal and generate repeat business. Here's how:

Product Configurator

Don't know the part number you're looking for? Our product configurator allows you to quickly find the part you need by using an intuitive drop down user interface to search by product type, manufacturer, model and series to find the exact parts you need. Click on the "Product Configurator" link on the top left side of our webpage to see how it works on our own website.

This configurator can also be customized to be placed on your OWN website to help your customers find the products they need and give you a professional image. There is no cost to you for using this service, requires minimal IT resources and there is no need to update any product information. Click here to see exactly how we can seamlessly integrate our Product Configurator into your website.

Private Labeling

Promote your company on every toner product we ship to your customers. We have the ability to add a custom label or "wrap" with your company logo and contact info on each of our toner boxes. This creates brand awareness and keeps your company name top of mind each time your customer reaches into the supply cabinet for replacement toner.

Blind Drop Ship Labels

We can customize each of your shipping labels and packing slips to contain your company logo and contact information. Your customer thinks the product is shipping from you.

Private Boxing

For our larger customers, we can ship our product in your own custom box. We will print and warehouse your boxes and insert any of our products into your custom box to blind drop ship to your customers.

Promotional Product Inserts

A good way to keep your customers loyal is to provide them with promotional giveaways. Customers always love receiving a thank you gift with their purchase and it's a great way to keep them coming back to you again and again. We can warehouse and insert your customized giveaway into any and all products we ship to your customers. Some examples of successful promotional giveaways include: M&Ms, golf balls, gift cards (Starbucks, Best Buy, Visa), t-shirts, etc.

Custom Flyers

Want to promote a monthly special to your customer base? Get paid by marketers who want to advertise their message to your customers. We have the ability to insert your custom flyers into every box we blind drop ship to your customer. Just provide us with the material and we'll make sure to get your message out there.

Repair Services

Itís what we do. We will fix it for you. We offer repair services on all cell phones, tablets and laptops. We will run diagnostics on your device and give you a price quote on our repair service. Walk-ins are welcome!