Refurbished Products

Quality Is Our Focus

We take pride in providing quality refurbished consumer electronics across multiple product lines. Each of our products go through a detailed testing and inspection process to ensure that every product we sell is fully functional, properly graded, kitted and ready for resale.

iPads/Laptops/Watches – Before testing begins, each device is data wiped to DOD standards using software that records time stamps of each data wipe by device serial number.  Next, each device is tested using state-of-the-art software on 18 functional aspects including speaker, microphone, Bluetooth, battery life, screen/keyboard  responsiveness, etc. Serial numbers are recorded for future use and reference.  Then each device is graded and kitted  to fit our customer’s needs.

Speakers and Headphones – Each device is tested for Bluetooth connectivity, speaker quality, battery life and  functionality by connecting to a device to ensure all aspects are functioning properly.  Each device is then thoroughly  sanitized, cleaned (ear tips replaced when necessary) and packaged for resale.

Post testing, we will randomly inspect and test 5% of products to ensure all testing requirements were met.  All of  our refurbished consumer electronics are backed by our 1-year mechanical warranty.


We Are Parts Experts

Our company was founded selling replacement parts.   We are experts in sourcing high-quality brand-new  replacement parts from trusted factories with whom we have long established relationships of ten years or more. Our replacement parts are 100% compatible to the OEM part it’s replacing and have the same “form, fit and  function” in terms of size, fit, quality, power/yield.
Each of our factories are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and thoroughly vetted to meet OEM safety and quality  standards including:

Batteries – Each battery is made using fire retardant plastic cases and internal contains circuit protection against thermal runaway and overheating.  Cells are UL certified Japanese cells (i.e. Panasonic).

AC Adapters – Every adapter we sell is UL certified to ensure safety and reliability.

Lamps – Our replacement lamps are manufactured using higher quality OEM bulbs (Philips, Osram or Ushio)  for brighter lumens and longer hours or more economical Chinese made bulbs.

Toner/Ink – Our toner and ink are manufactured in ISO 9001 factories that use all new replacement parts and  the highest quality toner or ink (i.e. Japanese).

We sell our replacement parts under our Premium Power Products© trademarked brand name and can be purchased online from our valued Partners.  All of our replacement parts are backed by our 1- year mechanical warranty (6 month warranty for lamps).


R2 Certificate