We’ve built efficient and effective quality control processes to maximize value. All of our consumer electronics go through strict quality control processes to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and operational functionality.  Quality control is the hallmark of our company’s core values and we achieve this superior level of excellence with our proprietary Quality Control Process:

Data Sanitization

Upon arrival at our facility, all in-bound consumer electronics get data wiped using a sophisticated data-sanitization software tool that performs a complete DOD standard wipe and all results are recorded by serial number and results stored securely in our cloud database. Customers are provided with complete data wipe records to access for their own analytics, audit trail and security compliance purposes.


Once the device is data wiped, it travels to our testing team that will perform function tests of the device to ensure it’s 100% operational. Utilizing state-of-the-art testing software, our technicians will QC over 18 functional aspects of the device.  If even one test fails on the device, it is sent to our repair team who will fix the device to make it fully functional. Devices that pass 100% are sent to be cleaned.


Devices are then fully cleaned and sanitized for safety, and most are restored to near original condition to maximize consumer satisfaction. Isopropyl alcohol is used to sanitize devices and remove adhesives or stickers. Earbuds will receive new ear tips. Some devices receive complete cosmetic refurbishment including screen buffing, powder coat painting and laser de-etching.


All devices are graded on a A, B or C grading scale based on their cosmetic condition. “A” grade devices are like new with very few signs of use. “B” grade devices show some signs of use but scratches are not visible when held at arm’s length or with device turned on. “C” grade devices show signs of use including scratches and some dents.


Each eReplacements customer has different kitting needs for our products so we customize our packing to meet our customer’s needs.  Custom packaging includes: white box, OEM boxes, bundles, custom sleeves, and HSO (Hand Set Only). Our charging accessories are UL and MFi certified.


R2 Certificate