Diverse and well-established relationships with over 100 reseller partners.

What is Re-Commerce? Re-Commerce is the remarketing of refurbished consumer electronics via online and brick and mortar channels in the secondary market to maximize the economic return of those products.  Our goal is to sell as close to the end consumer as possible as this creates the best returns for our customers and our company. In contrast, we do not broker these high value products as it has to go through too many “hands in the cookie jar”, diminishing margins along the way. 

Our re-commerce sales channels:

  • Online e-tailers – domestic and international
  • Major Marketplaces - domestic and international
  • IT Distributors
  • Value-Added Resellers
  • Travel and Hospitality Companies
  • Education Channel

eReplacements has established long standing relationships with a wide range of consumer electronics resellers to ensure we maximize the value of our assets for our company and customers.  We are top tier 4.5+-star sellers on the largest e-commerce and marketplace websites. We have also established unique and niche channels for marketing.

Technology Know-How

To be effective and efficient with online ecommerce, it’s important to have strong electronic “hooks” with your e-tail customers. eReplacements has invested into EDI, FTP and REST technology with some of our largest e-tail customers to create a seamless, accurate and responsive data interchange for inventory updates, order and shipping confirmations and payment details.  This provides us the ability to sell thousands of SKUs at once to our e-tail customers and ensure inventory accuracy and on-time shipping. We also utilize sophisticated re-pricers to ensure that our pricing is the most competitive on the market to maximize throughput and financial returns.


R2 Certificate