Restoring value and giving a second life to used consumer electronics.

As part of our lifecycle management and our commitment to the environment, eReplacements repairs and refurbishes broken devices to extend their life and avoid them from going into landfills. Our team of over 20 repair technicians are factory trained experts in repairing any of type of digital or mobile device including iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, speakers and headphones. 

We begin by assessing the condition of the device to determine the optimal next step in the Repair and Refurbishment process. Based on the condition, the device will fall into one of these categories of life cycle management, each managed by our team of experts:

Devices Repaired per Year



Over 20 certified technicians provide simple bench level repairs such as digitizer and LCD replacement to complex repairs including soldering and circuit board repair. Repaired devices go through testing again once complete to ensure quality control.

Cosmetic Refurbishing

eReplacements offers several innovative refurbishment services to restore devices to like-new condition including glass reconditioning, laser de-etching, and powder-coat painting.

Parts Harvesting

When a device has reached end-of-life, eReplacements will extract as many useful and salvageable parts from the device to use for reuse before sending the scrap to recycling. This includes LCD screens, mother boards, back cases, mid-frames, Wi-Fi modules, buttons and more.


Once the device has reached the end of the lifecycle, eReplacements will safely and securely recycle the device through one of our downstream partners who will extract the metals, glass and plastic for smelting. All devices receive a certificate of destruction.

Customized Repair Programs

We offer customized outsourced repair programs tailored to our customer’s needs. We have partnered with insurance companies, warranty companies and retailers to offer repair programs for many different electronics including Apple, Beats, JBL, Sony and more. We offer full data visibility on your repairs including data wipe records, condition of returned products, parts costs, and yield analysis.

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