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Compatible RPTV Lamp Replaces Samsung BP96-00826A-ER

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BP96-00826A-ER Specifications
 Our ValueOEM Value
Bulb type Compatible
Manufacturer Premium PowerSamsung
Package height 7 inches
Package length 7 inches
Package width 7 inches
Power signal AC
UPC 842740023587
Watts 100/120 watts
UPC 842740023587

Compatible RPTV Lamp Replaces Samsung BP96-00826A-ER

  • Replacement TV Lamp made with an OEM compatible UHR bulb for Samsung TV models: HLP4663W, HLP4667W, HLP5067W, HLP5663W, HLP5667W, HLP6163W, HLP6167W, HLR4264W, HLR4266W, HLR4667W, HLR5064W, HLR5067W, HLR5667W, HLR6156W, HLR6164W, HLR6167W.
  • Part number: BP96-00826A-ER, BP96-00823A, BP96-01403A
  • Lamp Life - approximately 4,000 hours
  • This lamp comes with complete outer housing unit module. Easy installation, no rewiring required.
  • Donít be fooled by lower priced competitors who use inferior bulbs that wonít last, wonít be as bright, or will blow up.

  • We stand behind our lamps with a 6 month warranty. Most competitors only offer 90 days.
  • 100% OEM Compatible
  • Order the BP96-00826A-ER Today. Six Month Warranty, 30-Day Money Back No Risk Shopping, Secure Online Ordering Guaranteed!
  • Models displayed may be different than model shipped.

Compatible Models
Samsung HLM4365WSamsung HLP4663Samsung HLP4663W
Samsung HLP4663WXSamsung HLP4663WX/XAASamsung HLP4663WX/XAC
Samsung HLP4667WSamsung HLP5063WSamsung HLP5063WX/XA
Samsung HLP5063WX/XAASamsung HLP5063WX/XACSamsung HLP5063WX/XAP
Samsung HLP5067WSamsung HLP5067WXSamsung HLP5067WX/XAA
Samsung HLP5663WSamsung HLP5663WX/XASamsung HLP5663WX/XAA
Samsung HLP5663WX/XACSamsung HLP5667WSamsung HLP5667WX
Samsung HLP5667WX/XAASamsung HLP6163WX/XASamsung HLP6163WX/XAA
Samsung HLP6163WX/XACSamsung HLP6163WX/XAPSamsung HLP6167W
Samsung HLP6167WX/XAASamsung HLR4264WSamsung HLR4667W
Samsung HLR4667W1X/XAASamsung HLR4667WAX/XAASamsung HLR4667WX
Samsung HLR4667WX/XAASamsung HLR4667WX/XAPSamsung HLR5064W
Samsung HLR5067WAX/XAASamsung HLR5067WXSamsung HLR5067WX/XAP
Samsung HLR506WSamsung HLR5078WSamsung HLR5667W
Samsung HLR5678WSamsung HLR5687WSamsung HLR5688W
Samsung HLR6156WSamsung HLR6164WSamsung HLR6167W
Samsung HLR6167WX/XAPSamsung HLR6168WSamsung HLR6178W
Samsung PT50DL14Samsung SP46L3HRSamsung SP46L3HRX/XAO
Samsung SP46L3HRX/XAXSamsung SP46L3HXX/BWTSamsung SP46L3HXX/RAD
Samsung SP46L3HXX/XSASamsung SP50L3HRX/RCLSamsung SP50L3HRX/XAO
Samsung SP50L3HRX/XAXSamsung SP50L3HXSamsung SP50L3HXX/AAG
Samsung SP50L3HXX/RADSamsung SP50L3HXX/XSASamsung SP50L6HR
Samsung SP50L6HRX/XAPSamsung SP50L6HXX/RADSamsung SP50L6HXX/XSA
Samsung SP61L3HRX/STRSamsung SP61L3HRX/XAOSamsung SP61L3HRX/XAX
Samsung SP61L3HXX/AAGSamsung SP61L3HXX/RADSamsung SP61L3HXX/XSA
Samsung SP61L6HRX/XAPSamsung SP61L6HRX/XAXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-P4663WX
Samsung OEM Assembly HL-P5663WXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-P6167WXlXAASamsung OEM Assembly HL-R4264WX
Samsung OEM Assembly HL-R4266WXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-R4664WXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-R5064WX
Samsung OEM Assembly HL-R5067WXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-R5667WXSamsung OEM Assembly HL-R6167WAX

Compatible Part Numbers
Samsung BP96-00608A-ERSamsung BP96-00826ASamsung BP96-00826A-ER
Samsung BP96-01403A-ERSamsung BP9600826AER

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