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Compatible Power Tool Battery Replaces OEM DW9094

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DW9094 Specifications
 Our ValueOEM Value
Package height 6
Package length 6
Package width 6
Product weight 2 lbs
UPC 842740082737
UPC 842740082737

Compatible Power Tool Battery Replaces OEM DW9094

Battery DeWalt NiCd 2000mAh
Compatible Models
Dewalt DC DC528Dewalt DC DC551KADewalt DC DC612KA
Dewalt DC DC613KADewalt DC DC614KADewalt DC DC615KA
Dewalt DC DC728KADewalt DC DC730KADewalt DC DC731KA
Dewalt DC DC731KBDewalt DC DC732KLDewalt DC DC733KA
Dewalt DC DC733KLDewalt DC DC735KADewalt DC DC735KB
Dewalt DC DC757KADewalt DC DC757KBDewalt DC DC830KA
Dewalt DC DC830KBDewalt DC DC833KADewalt DC DC835KA
Dewalt DC DC835KBDewalt DC DC930KADewalt DC DC935KA
Dewalt DC DC935KBDewalt DC DC935VADewalt DC DC936KA
Dewalt DC DC936VADewalt DC DC983KADewalt DC DC983SA
Dewalt DC DC984Dewalt DC DC984KADewalt DC DC984KB
Dewalt DC DC984VADewalt DC DC985KADewalt DC DC985VA
Dewalt DC DCD920KXDewalt DC DCD930Dewalt DC DCD930B2
Dewalt DC DCD930KXDewalt DC DCD930VXDewalt DC DCD935
Dewalt DC DCD935B2Dewalt DW DW054K2Dewalt DW DW055K2
Dewalt DW DW906Dewalt DW DW918Dewalt DW DW928K
Dewalt DW DW928K2Dewalt DW DW931KDewalt DW DW931K2
Dewalt DW DW935Dewalt DW DW935KDewalt DW DW937K
Dewalt DW DW941KDewalt DW DW941K2Dewalt DW DW954
Dewalt DW DW957Dewalt DW DW957KDewalt DW DW957K2
Dewalt DW DW966KDewalt DW DW966K2Dewalt DW DW969K2
Dewalt DW DW983KDewalt DW DW983K2Dewalt DW DW984
Dewalt DW DW984K2Dewalt DW DW985Dewalt DW DW985K2
Dewalt DW DW985KV2Dewalt DW DW991K2Dewalt DW DW992K2
Dewalt DW DW994KQDewalt DW DW996K2Dewalt DW DW996KQ

Compatible Part Numbers
Dewalt DE9094Dewalt DW9094

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